Kona Hydrostatic Testing now does propane cylinder inspections. It is an external visual inspection. If the propane cylinder passes it is good for 5 more years if you take care of the cylinder. The inspection takes about 10 minutes.

If the cylinder does not pass at the initial inspection I will explain to you what you need to do to get it to pass (remove rust, repaint ect,). There is no charge for the propane inspection if it will not pass.  Reasons for not passing may include excessive rust, dents, improper valves or leaks.

Cylinders are subject to recertification (also known as requalification) twelve years from their date of manufacture and every five years after that. For example, a cylinder manufactured in January of 2008 will have to be recertified in January of 2020, meaning if you take your bottle to the propane company in April of 2020 to be refilled, it will have to be requalified before it can be filled.  Think of cylinder recertification as an inspection similar to that of your car.  A vehicle has to be inspected annually so that it may continue to operate safely on the road. Similarly, an LP Gas cylinder must be inspected so that it may continue to operate safely in LP Gas service.

If your propane cylinder looks like this....you many want to reconsider having it inspected. It won't pass.

The cost for a propane cylinder inspection is $15 and requires an appointment. The inspection will be done while you wait. You may not leave a propane cylinder.