Hydrostatic Testing
Cylinders without valves $25
Cylinders without valves with Visual Eddy $30
Cylinders with valves (includes new o-rings, burst disc and visual inspection). $35
Cylinders with valves with Visual Eddy Test (includes new o-rings, burst disc and visual inspection). $40
Failed hydrostatic test $25
Failed Visual Eddy as part of hydro $12
Visual Eddy test (only for shops that do not have a Visual Eddy Tester). $7.50
Oxygen cylinders $25
Visual Inspections
Visual inspection $8
Visual Inspection with Visual Eddy Test $13
Cylinder Cleaning
Cylinder Tumbling starts at: $20
Whip and/or brush (light cleaning) starts at: $7.50
Propane Cylinder Inspection $15
Regulator service $20 per stage plus parts.
A normal regulator has one first stage and two second stages, so the labor would be $60. Parts generally run between $40 and $65.
Valve service (includes the recommended service parts, valve stems, handles and springs are an additional charge). $20
General shop time is $25 per hour.